Local Coffee Blend
Local Coffee Blend

Local Coffee Blend

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Robert Gordon X Majestic Recycled 

A collaboration of smart, sustainable and locally made design.Delicately handmade by Robert Gordon coffee cup, hand poured 100% soy wooden wick candle, featuring a coaster repurposed from Melbournes State Library shelving built in 1854. The smell of old books is evident in the history of the grains. 

This pack includes: 

1- Reusable coffe cup made by Robert Gordon  filled with a local coffee blend scented candle

1- Coster sourced by Majestic Recycled from Melbournes State Library est 1854 


  • Gift packaging included
  • H8.5cm | 225ml cup 
  • Coffee cup lid 
  • 45+ hours burn time