Product Information

Floating Shelf Information- 

Our Recycled Messmate hardwood floating shelves are supplied with floating shelf brackets to attach to your masonry/brick or cavity wall. 

The floating shelf brackets supplied will give the best weight capacity when they are fitted to good condition solid brick/masonry walls or into studs if installed on a cavity wall. 

Majestic Recycled does not guarantee or warrant the install of shelf brackets or shelf hardware into a wall by any party other than majestic recycled themselves. Majestic Recycled does not warrant any shelf bracket that is fixed using incorrect hardware. 

If you are in doubt about self installation of any of our products, seek professional assistance via a qualified tradesperson and check that they have experience in installing shelving and more particularly, floating shelf hardware/brackets. 



Plate Bracket installation- 

The bracket is fitted to the wall surface using screw fixings/plugs suitable for your wall type, (there are 7 predrilled holes in the bracket base (extra holes can be drilled as required, highly recommended). Locate the arrow mark on the bracket plate and ensure the arrow is facing up when fixing to the wall.

Your custom shelf can be secured to the bracket attaching through two holes provided in the support tubes, alternatively lock on to the tubes with small grub screws or an adhesive or silicone can be used to secure the shelf onto the tubes. Support tubes have a slight upward angle to help compensate for any shelf droop when your shelf is loaded up.

Multiple holes are provided for fixing to the wall, other holes can be drilled into the brackets base if required to coincide with studs in a hollow wall fixing installation. It is recommended to use heavy duty hollow wall anchors to ALL additional/available holes on the bracket when installing into plasterboard/gyprock/drywall.

Be aware that weight capacity of floating shelf bracket is reduced when only hollow wall anchors are used and without anchoring any hardware into cavity wall studs. Please note, the weight capacity of the floating bracket will be dependant on the strength of the sheeting that the bracket is being attached to. 


45mm base plate bracket installation-

The bracket base size is 45mm wide x 30mm deep x 2.5 mm thick steel with 4 slotted fixing holes (to allow small adjustment when fitted). The unique base size allows the bracket to be fitted to the wooden studs in a cavity wall. 

Each pair of brackets have weight capacity of approximately 20kg when fitted correctly to solid brick/masonry wall or directly into studs. 

Heavy duty hollow wall anchors can be used for holes that do not align with studs, however weight capacity may be reduced and only be as strong as the wall it is being fixed to. (minimum of two hollow wall anchors required per bracket)  


Pin Bracket Installation - 


These individual floating shelf brackets are designed for solid masonry wall or stud fixing with up to 25KG weight capacity per pair, when fixed correctly into a solid good condition brick or stud type wall, brackets spaced at a maximum of 600mm centres, fitting a shelf of 200mm depth. Deeper shelves can be fitted using these brackets but weight capacity will be lower as shelf depth is increased.

The solid steel support rod is in total 172 mm long x 12mm diameter, with 72mm of the bracket rod length threaded with expanding wall plug included for fixing into the wall substrate. 100 mm of the rod is fitted into the provided bored hole in the rear of the floating shelf. Use a minimum of 2 brackets per shelf, but we recommend at least one bracket is used every 600mm spacing in a solid/brick type wall, or into every stud in a cavity type wall. Ensure brackets are fitted into the dead centre of the wooden stud and do not over-tighten the rod so the stud does not split. Not suitable to fit to steel studs or directly into drywall (gyprock) type wall sheet.


Final reminder-

Weight capacity of all shelf brackets will always be dependent on their fixing to the wall, type of wall fixings used and the general condition of the wall that the shelf brackets are being fitted to.